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A poem


This is really bad. OK I got that over with.


When the sun sets

and the rocks crumble

our last breath

in our world tumbles

back into space

as our world ends

unlike the circle of life

there’s nothing to begin.

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March 31


(Part 2 of 2)

(please read until the end)

In disbelief, I walked out and went to the deck. Anywhere I didn’t have to talk to her. Since I was really tired, I went down to the bottom of the stairs leading from the deck down to the backyard and tried to sleep. When that didn’t work, I went into the hammock and wrapped myself up. But soon, I got really cold and went inside to go to bed, because everyone was pretty much gone and it was 10:30. I put on my pajamas and a jacket and went to bed. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning, and I felt like I was on fire. I took my jacket and my socks off and went downstairs. My room doesn’t have good air conditioning, so it’s either super hot or super cold. There’s a daybed downstairs, so I crashed there, and I had an awful headache the next morning. And that’s how I got sick.


Anyways, so this is the last day of the challenge! I’m super proud of all my classmates who did it! I can’t even believe I got through it. I think I missed one day because I messed up the scheduling. One day there was two posts and the next day there was none.


But, I mean, everyone makes mistakes once in awhile. Or way more often 😀 *cough cough me*


Anyways, I want to thank everyone who commented and frankly, who cared. Because I know this is just a blog, and I’m not experienced and stuff, but I’m glad because the Slice of Life challenge has helped me learn that not all things are remembered, weather they’re important or not.


But if you write it out, and tell people? It gives you a voice. A voice that says THIS IS WHO I AM. And people actually care more often if you blog about it because that’s what blogs are for. But anyways, this is my goodbye and I can’t get teary-eyed over a blog. God, why am I so dramatic? Anyways, I have to say goodbye. For now.

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March 30


(Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 is going to be posted tomorrow)


Guess what?
At my family member’s birthday party, we brought home a helium tank and my brother (who has a really strong voice) took some. It was HILARIOUS how high his voice was. That afternoon, I was told since I’m the DJ that I could pick some of the songs. SO the person whose birthday it was told me I could play a song of my choice in 30 minutes. So thirty minutes later, my friend and I put on “Sky full of Stars” by Coldplay (which is like, my favorite song) and we sang along to it. But then the same person who told me I could chose the music (because WE ALL AGREED BEFOREHAND THAT I WAS THE DJ AND COULD PICK THE MUSIC) came up, turned off the music and put it back on her playlist. All of her friends were staring because SHE REALLY EMBARRASSED ME, so she yelled “it’s my party!” And strode off. I felt like a total failure. I had just spent five hours entertaining the kids because she asked me to and she just— ???


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March 29


After lunch, me and my friends went around asking every guy I ran into if they had a hair tie. OH MY GOD IT WAS HILARIOUS. You should totally try it. 

In history class, I legit listened to ONE Hamilton song, and now it’s ringing in my head ALL DAY and I CAN’T get it out. I listened to other songs. I tried to forget the song. I tried to not think about it. But NO. I STILL have it stuck in my head. HELP 😐

and, in English a while ago I said I would write a rant about stereotypes, and a day later someone else did.



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March 28


So, after volleyball practice we have this thing called genome where we do exercises. It’s basically like PE except it’s much worse, and harder. I wasn’t doing well in practice and I figured I must not be well today. I saw Cassie, Kritika, and Haley from my team leave the courts to go to the exercise room (we don’t have genome there–no one uses the exercise room) So I followed them and realized they were skipping it because they were “sick.” I was too! So I sat and talked with them for the entire time. We didn’t have to do one exercise! Some of the team found out we were skipping, and they didn’t even care. We always had a lookout just in case one of the coaches showed up. We just ate crackers, talked, and watched the ice machine make ice. It was weirdly fun! 

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March 27



Have you ever felt really afraid for no reason?

I’m getting that feeling in my stomach when something bad is about to happen. I’m really scared but have no reason to be. Why is that? Helppppppppp

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March 26


Why don’t parents let their kids use social media? Is it because they don’t trust them to be appropriate? I am as responsible as ever these days, and mostly reliable. But NOO. Some parents just want to ‘protect you.’ What’s wrong with snapchat? Whatever you send to your friends disappears in a second. And you choose who you send it to! Not everyone can see what you post. How do I get parents to let me have SnapChat?


Ugh. Never mind, I shouldn’t care.

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March 25



Guess what? Someone in my family is having  a huge birthday party. (unfortunately, it’s not me). We’re having it at my house, and there’s going to be 80 people there. How are they going to find parking??? There’s more. Guess who has to deal with the young kids?

ME 🙁

I am so mad. I just want to be a DJ so I don’t have to talk to people. But NOOO. I have to wear a DRESS and deal with the young kids AND introduce the kids my age to each other. I know that seems like not a big deal, but It’s the end of the world to me. We’ll see how it goes.

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March 24


I know. Every time you read my name, you say (A-lin) or (I-lin) or some other variation. Weird thing– my name is pronounced Eileen. NOW YOU GET THE JOKE EILEEN AND DABB OHHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE LIKE LEAN AND DABB OHHH


Yep. I know it’s cringey, but I happen to not care. You know those people who pronounce your name wrong even though they know the pronunciation of your real name? Yeah, it gets old. I mean really. It’s not funny anymore.

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March 23


Yesterday, I got to work and wrote down all I had to do. I only did 3 things out of five, but still. I did the important stuff. I studied for my science quiz we DIDN’T EVEN HAVE, I did my math homework and study guide, and I did a little more of my culture map for Spectrum. It’s a pretty fun project. I know spectrum is for the gifted and all, but seriously, anyone could do the work they give us. GEOCACHING? CREATE YOUR OWN CULTURE? ESCAPE ROOM? It’s all not that hard. But I’m still glad I’m in it 🙂

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